Arm & Hammer Advanced Care Dental Mints Treat for Dogs

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  • Eliminates bad breath
  • Help keeps your dog's mouth clean
  • Delicious beef flavour with mint scent so your dog will love them

Does your dog have bad breath? Well with Arm and Hammer Advanced Dental Mints this can be a thing of the past. Formulated with baking soda and green tea extract, the mints work to clean your dogs teeth and reduce mouth odours. Dog breath can be very off-putting for you or for guests of your house, with A&H Dental mints this complete does not exist as your dog will have minty fresh breath. Give your dog 1 – 2 tablets a day to sort out their oral hygiene.

wheat flour, durum flour, corn meal, rice flour, corn syrup, gelatin, water, glycerine, sugar, propylene glycol, poultry fat, acidified calcium sulfate, salt, monoglycerides, potassium sorbate, mint extract, parsley powder, tocopherol (a preservative), yellow #5 lake, yellow #6 lake, blue #1 lake, baking soda and green tea leaf extract

Not intended for human consumption.

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