Beapher Glucosamine Easy Treat

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  • Dog treats, rich in Glucosamine, for healthy joints
  • Ideal for older dogs who are prone to joint problems

Just like humans, glucosamine is produced naturally in a dog's body in the fluid around joints. It is needed to build and repair cartilage. However, production can slow down with age, causing pain and a reduction in joint movement. Because there are few foods that contain glucosamine, supplements are required. Beaphar Glucosamine Easy Treats are rich in glucosamine. They promote healthy joints, improving mobility and flexibility, keeping your dog feeling fitter for longer.

Cereals, Vegetable Protein Extracts, Meat and Animal Derivatives (at least 4% Rabbit and at least 4% Chicken), Molluscs and Crustaceans (at least 4% Glucosamine = 40,000 mg/kg), Minerals, Various Sugars and Water.

About Beaphar:
Beaphar are passionate about pets and are constantly developing new products to help you nurture, treat and care for your pet as best you can. Their product range of over 800 products includes flea and worming treatments, vitamins, minerals, hygiene products and lots more. All to enhance the life of your pet and ensure he stays happy and healthy.

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