8 in 1 Delights Small Bones for Dogs

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  • Made from a combination of rawhide and chicken
  • Satisfies your dog’s natural chewing instinct.
  • Provides hours of chewing fun
  • Complimentary pet food for small dogs
  • No artificial colours and flavours

8 in 1 Delights Bones are a healthy treat for your dog. They have a layer of tasty chicken inside. They help to satisfy your dog’s natural chewing instinct. 8 in 1 Delights bones provide a healthy and fun way for your dog to clean their teeth and gums. The 8 in 1 Delights Bones will keep your dog busy chewing.

Meat and animal by-products (chicken 9%), minerals.


Feeding guidelines:
Supplementary food for dogs. Feed as a snack in addition to daily meals. Remember always provide a bowl of clean drinking water.

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