Doggy Dry Pet Glove

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  • Perfect for de-shedding short haired breeds
  • Quick and easy to clean muddy paws
  • Great for removing hair from couches or cars

Super absorbent microfiber paw cleaner and hair remover. The Doggy Dry Pet Glove dries quickly, is extremely durable and super soft.
With the Doggy Dry Pet Glove removing dog hair from your couch, car has never been easier. The Doggy Dry Pet Glove absorbs water and dirt like a sponge. Ideal for paws, windows, car seats and floors.

What’s the secret?
In all Doggy Dry products a special microfiber is used, called ‘chenille’. Each “noodle” is made of millions of ultra-fine wires. Therefore, the total surface area is actually much bigger than the human eye can see. Thanks to these fibers the pet glove can absorb and hold 7x its own weight. The other side is covered with rubber studs at exactly the right height for easy removal of hair.

Microfiber chenille / 80% polyester / 20% polyamide.

Washing instructions
Hand wash
23 x 16 cm

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