Braided Rope Bump Triple Knot

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  • Durable rope toy
  • Two TPR balls for twice the fun
  • Perfect for fetch, tug or a gentle chew
  • Rope fibres clean teeth during playtime

This toy is made out of strong rope which your dog will love to chew. Dog’s have a natural instinct to chew and if you do not provide them with something they will chew your belongings. Chewing on the rope will help remove plaque, keep the teeth clean and gums healthy. It is also a toy that can be used for tossing, fetching and tugging games.

There are several floss ropes out there, most of them made out of waste cotton. Not the Pet Sport USA floss ropes! These ones are made of first class quality cotton, so they do not compare to any other product. Pet Sport USA floss ropes are made with the colors blue and yellow. Research has shown that these colors are well visible to dogs which is why they will always prefer these ropes

Length: 35cm

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