2 Glow Treat Ball On Call

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  • Unique shaped ball for easy gripping

  • Treat dispensing, can be stuffed with your dog’s favorite treats

  • Durable

  • Promotes interactive play

  • Glows in the dark

Do you have a very active dog that gets upset when it gets dark? Can no longer play? Say no more as you can now play even in the dark! 2 Glow Treat Ball on Call toy glows in the dark and you can continue for hours, even when it gets dark already!

2 Glow Treat Ball on Call satisfies your dog's natural instinct to chew. It is created to be durable and made of high-quality materials that are safe for your dog. This dog stick doubles as a fetch stick. A sure hit for your dogs, it makes a crack sound when chewed, they will love it for gnawing and fetching even in the dark!

It is even more enticing when stuffed with treats or snacks on its holes. Ideal for stuffing challenges. As the ball gets rolled it'll dispense the treats, it is uniquely shaped and soft texture made it easy for humans and dogs to grip. It also helps cleans teeth and freshens breath. It helps pups soothe their sore gums when teething. Easy cleaning and dishwasher-safe.

NOTE: Please ensure any toy is suitable for your pet's size and chewing style and remove if worn or damaged.

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