Cat Health Indicator

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  • Works with almost all types of cat litter

  • Recommended by vets

  • Detects anomalies in urine

  • Deodorizes

  • Easy to use

Cats are very good at hiding diseases, this makes it difficult to detect early signs of disease. This cat litter has been specifically developed for this purpose. Health Indicator can alert you to many potential health problems including cystitis, bladder stones, urethral plugs, and bladder infections.

Keep the unopened bag in a dry location away from direct sunlight.

Start with a clean litter box. Using disposable gloves, scrub the box with a mild detergent and thoroughly rinse and dry. Afterward, fill the litter box with the cat’s normal litter and then spread the Health Indicator evenly across the top of the litter.

A short moment after your cat uses the litter box check the urination spot for color changes.
Compare the color at the urination spot with the colors on the card enclosed in each Health Indicator bag. If the color compares with a color that indicates a high pH (blue or green) or a low pH (red or orange) then contact your cat’s veterinarian for advice. If the color indicates normal pH (light gold to light olive) stir the Health Indicator into the regular litter where it can help with odor control for up to a month.

REMEMBER: Health Indicator is not for “AT HOME DIAGNOSIS” and should never be used as a substitute for veterinary care. Health Indicator is not able to diagnose diseases that may affect your cat. It is able to indicate the pH of the urine which can be an indicator of health problems or potential for health problems such as poor quality foods. If you feel your cat is having health or urinary problems, contact your veterinarian for proper diagnosis.

NOTE: Pregnant, nursing, or persons with a suppressed immune system should use caution & thoroughly wash hands after handling soiled litter.
Approximate Size: 200g

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