Applaws Chicken Breast Natural Cat Food

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  • High meat content, rich in protein
  • No additives, only natural ingredients
  • Ideal for fussy-eaters

Applaws Chicken is a complementary pet food for adult cats, with no additives, only natural ingredients. It contains 75% fresh chicken breast and is rich in protein. Protein is necessary for boosting the immune system, growing and repairing cells, good eyesight and general health. This product is hypoallergenic for cats with special dietary requirements.

Chicken Breast 75%, Chicken Broth 24%, Rice 1%.

Typical Analysis:
Protein 14%, Fat content 0.3%.

About Applaws:
Applaws make pet food that is 100% natural. They pride themselves on their 'plain and simple' packaging; the contents are stated plainly on the exterior and the pictures simply represent what is inside. They do not use cheap additives to fill out their pet food, instead using only the finest cuts of breast meat or fish fillet, so you know that your pet is getting the best tasting and nutritious food to keep him active and healthy.

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