Burgess Excel Nuggets for Junior & Dwarf Rabbits

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  • Prevents selective feeding and is naturally high in Beneficial Fibre (36%)
  • Higher protein for muscle development
  • Contains prebiotics and a probiotics to develop young digestive systems
  • Natural antioxidants to support the immune system
  • Essential amino acids for growing rabbits
  • Fortified with vitamins and minerals for healthy eyes, skin and coat
  • Higher nutrient levels tailored to faster metabolisms

Burgess Excel Tasty Nuggets is a delicious complementary food for young rabbits and it is also perfect for dwarf rabbits. It contains high nutrient levels which are good for these little animals’ high metabolism. It is high in Beneficial Fibre and rich in nutrients to help maintain overall health. They are enriched with natural antioxidants and essential amino acids for a healthy growing rabbits. It is fortified with vitamins and minerals for healthy eyes, skin and coat. These Tasty Nuggets have a natural prebotics and probotics which helps your pet’s digestive health.

Tasty Nuggets is blended into a tasty pellet to ensure your pet receives the full benefits of the nuggets. These pellets not only help with digestion but the gnawing action will help to keep teeth healthy. Burgess Excel Tasty Nuggets for Junior and Dwarf Rabbits avoids selective feeding and avoids waste. Your rabbit's diet should be supplemented with additional roughage, which can be provided through feeding hay. Always ensure your rabbit has access to fresh water.

Grass, Oat Bran, Wheat, Soya Bean Hulls, Peas, Soya, Molasses, Yeast, Soya Oil, Mint, Ligno-Cellulose, Calcium Carbonate, Monocalcium Phosphate, Fructo-oligosaccharides 0.25%, Salt, Methinoine, Vitamins and Minerals, Probiotic (Saccharomyces cerevisiae NCYC SC47 E1702 1 X 10^9 CFU/kg). Contains Natural Antioxidants.

Nutritional Analysis:
Beneficial Fibre 36%, Crude Fibre 17%, Protein 16%, Oils and Fats 4%, Ash 6%, Calcium 0.9%, Phosphorous 0.50%, Vitamin A 15000iu/kg, Vitamin D3 1500iu/kg, Vitamin E (a-tocopherol acetate) 120mg/kg, Vitamin C 50mg/kg, Copper as cupric sulphate 12mg/kg. This information is provided as a guide only. Please refer to the product packaging for full details.

About Burgess:
Burgess is a company of pet lovers and owners and who are passionate about all furry pets. They are committed to making the lives of pets better by aiming to make great food that's good for the pet’s health as well as being deliciously tasty. But they are equally committed to helping and supporting rescue centres as well as encouraging responsible pet ownership through education. All products are cruelty free as they do not believe it is necessary to carry out invasive tests on animals to evaluate pet foods, nor to conduct preference and palatability testing on captive animals.

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